Online Texts

We intend to publish online transcriptions of various medieval legal texts which play an important role in the research being undertaken as part of the Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law project.

To date, we have uploaded:

Iudicium est actus trium personarum, as found in Oxford St John’s College 178, which may be accessed here.

The Earliest Treatise within the Materials Comprising the So-Called Très Ancien Coutumier of Normandyas found in Vatican Library ms. Ott. Lat. 2964, which may be accessed here.

Pseudo Revigny ‘Summa feudorum’ Parma Biblioteca Palatina, ms. Parm. 1227, which may be accessed here.

The so-called ‘Summula de presumptionibus’, as found in the ms. Vatican, BAV, Pal. lat. 653, which may be accessed here.