Dispossession Project Announcement!

We are delighted to unveil our latest creation, an audio course for teachers & students on the subject of dispossession entitled: ‘Law and Litigation Concerning Dispossession c. 1050-1250: A Comparative Study’:


In these podcasts, we examine some of the main historiographical traditions on the subject. We then explore the situations that led to litigation, how cases were brought to court and then decided, and finally the wider conclusions that can be drawn from these explorations.

We hope the discussions will be of general interest, and helpful to anyone who is teaching or studying mediaeval law. We have chosen to use audio-recording as our main medium to enhance the sense that comparative legal history needs to proceed through conversation.

Further, the whole series, individual episodes, or short extracts may be helpful for teaching purposes. We provide some written materials, to accompany individual recordings and the project as a whole.