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John Hudson – Research Update (iii)

During the past year I have completed my article on notions of seisin in Glanvill, Bracton, and the early Curia regis rolls. In it I have explored attempts to make references to seisin more precise, but at the same time the continuing flexibility in usage. The article will appear in Spring 2019.

An online edition of the Balliol manuscript of Glanvill is near ready for posting online. I am now starting work on aspects of landholding in France and Italy in order to produce a comparative study.

I also have written a paper on Maitland’s attitude to Roman Law, and his presentation of a struggle between Common and Roman Law in English history. This has involved further work on earlier discussions of this struggle, including in Fortescue and Blackstone. It was delivered as the Fulton Lecture on Legal History at the University of Chicago Law School in March 2018.

I am also working towards a co-authored book with Caroline Humfress, entitled What is Legal History? The book will include discussions of historiography and methodology arising from the CLCLCL project.