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Postdoctoral Appointments

We are pleased to announce that Project PhD students, David De Concilio and Dan Armstrong, have both been awarded Postdoctoral positions.

David has been awarded a three-year research grant at the University of Padua, Department of Private Law and Critique of Law, commencing 1st March 2022. He will be working on the ERC-funded project Migrating Commercial Law and Language (MICOLL). Rethinking Lex Mercatoria (11th-17th Century), led by Prof. Stefania Gialdroni, which aims at analysing the development of commercial law through historical linguistics, by looking at the borrowing and transfer of commercial legal terms between Venice, the Hanseatic Leauge and Genoa. See their website here.

Dan has been awarded a six-month position at St Andrews, starting on the 1st April. He will continue his research on canon law in England and assist John Hudson in compiling the Project’s final reports, as well as ensuring the sustainability of the Project’s website.